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Active Templates and Designs
Each hosting package comes with Expert websites designs ready to use for no extra cost.  Many of those free templates can even be custmized with your own minstry logos, colors and branding.  No need to hire a designer or start from scratch, the free templates are ready to use day one. We'll even help you pick a design and show you how to customize the templates on your own. 
Even GREATER Flexibility

The Extend Free Active Template gives our clients greater flexibility! Our clients can add their own header mask, work with CSS and Java. The Active Free templates are already programmed with tab and drop-down menu options with choice of either standard 800 or 1024 pixel widths. Our Clients love the Free Active Template because of the flexibility to essentially originate/create their own design!   

Examples of Clients Using Our Active Free template Design:  
Schemes: Back to Basics, Clouds of Glory, Contemporary Dark, He is Calling, Higher Power, Into the Word, Majestic, Outside the Box, Peaceful Meditations, The Cross, The Solid Rock
Schemes: A New Day, All Things, Family of Faith, Give Thanks, Growing In, Natures Beauty, Stained Glass, Steeple
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