Custom Designs
Customized Designs
When creating a new website the first choice to make is the design.   Each of our design options come with free templates that the administrator can choose from. Many of those designs are very customizable with CSS and custom images, many of them have their own limitations.  Here you'll find custom site design samples, sample designs from actual clients that we've helped.  No matter what level of design you are in the market for, we have an experianced designer that works one on one with your ministry to build the site that best meets your demands.  There are three levels of site design to choose from: Custom Header,  1 Tier, and 2 Tier and above.  Choose the levels to read more about each group.  If you have questions please contact us right away. 
Work directly with the web designer to create a customized header for your website. The designer will use your graphics and logos to create a custom banner, simple menus, and a classic background for your website. Read More
A 1 Tier design is a custom design applied to every page of the website. Work with the designer to create a consistent site design that includes, a site header, menus, page background, fonts and styles, and colors. Read More
A 2 Tier Site design includes two designs, one for the Home Page and another design for the internal pages. This includes a header for the home page and internal pages. It also includes menu structure and setup that could be different on the home page and internal pages. Read More
Other Notes

Keep in mind that these examples are purely for the understanding of our design services her at ACS. Designs are fully custom, working one on one with a professional web designer helps reduce stress for all parties, it also helps foster creativity between the client and the designer.

We encourage you to work directly with a project manager.  We are here to help through the entire process of:

  • Developing a Plan
  • Creating a Design
  • Implementing the Design
  • Building a Site
  • And, lastly, "Going Live"


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