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1 Tier Site Design

Below are examples of 1 Tier designs provided by our professional web graphics designer.  Please notice that each design comes complete with a custom designed header, menu setup, and possible background suggestions. Most all 1 Tier designs come with home page layout suggestions, such home page layouts may include custom buttons and banners.  The designer may also make suggestions as to where graphics, text and content may reside in the site.  Such areas are customizable and updated by the Extend Administrator.  As with all custom design work provided by ACS and Extend, clients work one on one with the graphics designer.   We ask that clients have an idea of what color schemes to follow as well as having logos and artwork available to use in custom designs. 

1 Tier Site Designs may Include 1 Tier Site Designs DO NOT Include
Logo (As Provided by Client)
Social Media Icons
Header and Menu setup and Placement
Content Placement and Suggestions (Home Page only)
Use of Client Artwork/Photos
Logo Creation
Flash Creation
Custom Programming
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