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Expert Website designs are available free with all Site Extend plans. There are many templates from which to choose within the system. Most of our designs can be tailored with options such as custom header names and phrases, images and logos, and colors.

We also offer Active Templates, designed specifically for the designer/programmer. Active Templates allow users to upload and use their own CSS, HTML, and scripting to create a truly customized design and user experience. Essentially, the ability to originate/create your own design is within reach!  

See how others are using active templates here.

Customized Designs
Websites can be customized and built to meet your needs. If you have any special ideas and requirements, or if you want to brainstorm about how we can help make your current web site more effective. Our team of experienced professionals and designers is available to answer your questions or to tailor a solution that will fit the needs of your ministry.
When creating a new web site, the first choice to make is the design. No matter what level of distinction you are in the market for, we have experienced designers who work one-on-one with your ministry to build a layout that best meets the demands and vision of your goals.  We offer three levels of site design to choose from: Customized Header,  1 Tier, and 2 Tier and above. Don't have the time or budget to start a new design? We'll work with you to customize one of our free templates. Have questions? Contact us right away!
We're Here to Help!

We encourage you to work directly with a project manager.  We are here to help through the entire process of:

  • Developing a Plan
  • Creating a Design
  • Implementing the Design
  • Building a Site
  • And, lastly, "Going Live"

The best way to know what package you are looking for is to see what your options are.

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