You can embed videos or media files on your website with several methods. In each example, the client has chosen to use a third-party service/vendor to host media files.  Review the examples below to see what options best meet your ministry’s needs.

There are many other services that you can use as well.  If you have questions please contact us for more information. We'll be glad to assist you or your staff choose a process that works for you.

First things first: CCLI Licenses

Before sharing any live music through an online platform, you need a CCLI License.

Even with a CCLI License, you cannot provide downloadable music performed by a professional artist, nor can you provide downloadable sheet music. A CCLI license only covers music performed by your musicians. Facebook and Youtube have algorithms and AI technology that can detect recorded music by an artist and shut down your stream or your account. is a free online service where you can enter information, along with audio or video files, for each sermon. also provides live broadcasting and podcasting to meet your online sermon needs.

Our integration team can help you update your sermons page with a widget.  In the example above, the widget from displays the sermon information on your website.   It's simple, easy, and clean! also offers different views of the player as well as filtering and search features. You can also attach a PDF version of your original sermon. You can even live stream to Facebook, YouTube, and other locations simultaneously with their Simulcast feature. offers statistical data behind who, where, and when viewers watch your videos or live stream. You can learn more about their services here -

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OnDemand Example: Grace Baptist Church
OnDemand Example: Oak Ridge UMC
Live Stream/Ondemand Example: Ashland UMC

Other Options -

Vimeo –

Example: Cause God Joy

Vimeo has a few great new widgets that are easy to embed on a page in your website.  Again, the same idea applies to this client - the widget pulls videos from a account.  The widget has been designed to load and show recently uploaded videos.  If you just have one video to embed or want to just embed the videos manually that’s also free and simple to do as well.

YouTube –

Example: Sharon Presbyterian

This page/example uses a widget that pulls the videos from the clients YouTube account onto the sermons page of their website.  Currenlty, this widget and setup is provided by YouTube. If your ministry has a YouTube account we will help you manually embed the videos into a page on your website very simply and for free.

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